Friday, July 8, 2011

Ready stock

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No. Order :R3007
Price: RM 32 
Color : Pink / Beige
Fabric: Cotton+ Lace
Flexible: No
Lining: Yes
Style Description: Layer Dress Design
Length: 65cm (excluding strap length)
Bust: 66cm to stretch to the: 88cm
Downsize Diameter: 122cm

No Order :H213
Price: RM 30
Colour: Black / White
Material: Cotton
Size: Free Size
Strap: Bust :76-102CM
Length: 47CM (excluding strap length)
T Shirt: Bust :100-120CM
Shoulder Sleeve: 21CM
Length: 61CM

No. Order: S5122
Price: RM 32
Colour: Beige


                                                   Size:Free Size 
                                                Bust: 86-102CM 
                                                Sleeve length:8CM 
Dress Length:82CM

No. Order: N2079
Price: RM 23
Colour: Purple
Length 56CM
Bust: 84CM
Sleeve 16CM
Fabric: Elastic Cotton

Ready stock

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No. Order: D9286
Price: RM 42
Colour: Picture

Size: Free Size
Bust 100 CM Length 69 CM

No. Order: JK1567
Price: RM55
Colour: Pink
Size: Free Size
Bust 92 CM Length 63 CM
Material:wool knitting

No. Order: Y10602
Price: RM 44
Colour: Black

Size: Free Size (Does not include vests)
Bust 90 CM Length 50 CM